Flashmob Hallelujah Chorus

So – bearing in mind what we thought of yesterday about exiles blessing their community, and the day before about moving into the neighbourhood – does this constitute mission? See what you think:

(For a brief history of flash mobs, read here.)

Should we be putting together a circuit choir to try this at, say, the Peacocks Centre in Woking?


3 thoughts on “Flashmob Hallelujah Chorus

  1. We had a ‘flash mob’ choir from the Primary School at the ‘Songs of Praise’ in Byfleet on the day of the RideLondon event. Took a great deal of organising.

  2. Honestly, it seems more of a gimmick then an actual outreach. This is not what I think of when I think of being in exile, or blessing my captors. I may be too old-fashioned for that though, as I think street preaching is just fine.

  3. We have done three flash mobs with the choir. So long as everyone is well rehearsed it should be OK

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