Welcoming And Inviting Churches

A few years ago, the Church of England produced a course called Everybody Welcome, which is available from Church House Publishing. Knaphill Methodist Church in our circuit has run the course.  The material starts with the contacts we make outside of the congregation, and gradually focusses in on Sunday worship. The video below contains samples from the course:

But is it enough to be welcoming? Ask any church whether they are welcoming, and they will say ‘yes’. Michael Harvey, the founder of Back To Church Sunday, says we need not only to be welcoming, but also inviting. He has written about nine reasons why we don’t invite our friends to church. Do you recognise any of these? What do you think we should do about them?


One thought on “Welcoming And Inviting Churches

  1. It’s one thing to be welcoming on a Sunday morning, it’s another to follow it up during the week. I have been in churches where I was greeted on a Sunday morning, people spoke to me, even offered to pray with me. When illness forced me to be absent for several weeks, very few, if any, phoned me to see how I was or to ask if they could do anything; it was only when I went back that people said they had missed me and were pleased to see me. Some people in that position might not have gone back – it gives the impression that the church only cares about you when you walk through its doors.

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