Is Faith Opposed To Science And History?


Faith by Lance Ulrich on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Many people would answer that question with the word ‘yes’. Someone once said that faith is believing in something you know not to be true.

But this is terribly wrong. Faith is not proof, but it is believing because there is enough evidence on which to base a relationship of trust. The Christian apologist and theologian Alister McGrath (himself a former atheist scientist) has said that neither religion nor atheism can be proved, but the issue is which provides the best explanation of life.

The God: New Evidence project has put together various video series about the consistency of scientific evidence with belief in God, and the evidence in history for Jesus and the Resurrection. Have a look at their website here and see what you think.


One thought on “Is Faith Opposed To Science And History?

  1. I think Christianity has some of the most brilliant minds in the world. It’s not that we are against science, it’s that we tend to do things that make us look like it. I’m doing research now on Galileo in Europe and the Scopes monkey trial in the United States. In each of these cases Christianity was not against science, but because it wanted to protect the tenants of the faith, the church made bad choices. Hopefully we can fix this problem in the future.

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