The Internet And Mission

Hologram Bible Web Cast

Hologram Bible Web Cast by Frank DeFreitas on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

How does use of the Internet fit into your practice of Christian mission? After all, you are reading this online in some form (unless someone has printed it off for you).

There are many possibilities. Social action campaigns run by Christian relief and development agencies can help you lobby government ministers about world poverty, injustice and the like. It is often possible to join in with ‘secular’ campaigns, too, when the aims and goals are similar.

Does your church have a website? The web is now commonly the first place where people go searching for a new church when they move, and it is important to have a website for that reason alone. Have you turned recorded sermons and other material into a podcast?

However, this blog discusses mission, and so it is worth asking about the content of church blogs. Are they simply an electronic version of the church notice sheet, or do they contain material for people who are spiritually searching?

What about the tone of our online content? It is easy to use the Internet in a similar way to the kind of street preacher who declaims against all who pass by on the high street, but Internet relationships are different. In his book ‘The Millennium Matrix‘, Rex Miller says that we need to be ‘interactive, conversational and open-ended’. Social media (such as Facebook and blogs) can be a promising arena for Miller’s approach.

For further reading, try ‘Is Blogging Just For Self-Centred Nerds?‘, ‘Digital Faith‘, and (especially) the Web Evangelism Bulletin and Digital Evangelism Issues.


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