Evangelism In Context

Queue evangelism

Queue Evangelism by Andrew West (Krypto) on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

This quote deserves careful consideration:

“Evangelism works best in the context where it’s an answer to a question. In other words, when we live out our calling as the people of God, under the reign of God—when we become the church where the poor find riches, the lonely find community, the sick find healing, and the broken find wholeness—then our words about the person and work of Christ become meaningful.” (J R Woodward, church planter, in ‘Creating A Missional Culture‘, and partly citing the British author Graham Tomlin‘s book ‘The Provocative Church‘)


One thought on “Evangelism In Context

  1. Wonderful post! Again, I’m mesmurized by the things you talk about here. I am again embarrassed about my church activity because I am not more of a blessing in my community, but I am committed to change. Thank you!

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