But I’m Too Old

Pride of Brain 2013 award winners

Pride of Britain 2013 award winners by The Prime Minister’s Office on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Are you sure? Ten days ago, an eighty-six-year-old Christian woman from Plymouth named Anne Scarfe won the Pride Of Britain Local Hero award on ITV. Remember the biblical examples of Abram and Moses. What can you accomplish in demonstrating God’s love in Christ in the world?

Click the link below to see this inspiring story.

Plymouth Pensioner Is The Pride Of Britain


One thought on “But I’m Too Old

  1. I seem to have heard those words before!

    I’ve always said that it’s not about age, but about attitude. If a person is doing something in the church because they feel it is a duty, or something they hope will get them to heaven or keep God onside, then there may well come a time when they feel that duty has ended, or they have done enough. But if they are doing it out of love, because they love God, desire to serve him, believe he has given them gifts to do so and that it is in fact a great privilege to be in the service of the King, then I don’t think anything will stop them. I was at a christian healing centre once and on our last evening there, a 92 year old lady said to me, “that’s a few more things dealt with, now I wonder what the Lord has for me next?” Yet there are people, younger than she, who feel they have done their bit and are, in fact, too old.

    I am certain that what people believe affects how they act. If people don’t really believe, grasp or understand what the Gospel is, or have never experienced God’s amazing love and Grace, why would they want to go and tell anyone else about it?

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