Leading By Example

If you have leadership responsibilities and want to lead a church into mission, what do you do? Jen Hatmaker in this video says, “Live it, or you have no hope of leading it.” Are those of us who lead in any way in the church leading by example in showing that we are already involved in mission? Hatmaker points out that the apostle Paul told people to copy his example, but if people followed ours, would they just be in meetings and sermon preparation?


2 thoughts on “Leading By Example

  1. Spiritual fathers…that is what I am to some sailors at my command. Mentoring is vital for mission and I am glad she touched on it (though she didn’t say the word). When I first started meeting with these guys, I found out that they had never led other sailors in studying the Bible, meaning that they had relied only on the chaplain on the ship to do so. Well, some ships don’t have chaplains, and some chaplains don’t share our values, so my foundational mission was to teach them how to do it!

    But she’s right. I also got them involved in a local food pantry organized by a church most of them attend. It’s not enough to do Bible studies, though that is an important part.

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