Misfiring On Mission


Misfire by Alive In Calgary on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

American church leader James Emery White writes on Five Missional Misfires – the language may not be British English but he has some interesting points about the way churches claim to be prioritising mission when actually they are not.

What do you think of his examples? Would you add any others?


One thought on “Misfiring On Mission

  1. Good article.
    I think that two reasons churches may think they are prioritising mission, but in fact aren’t, are not having a clear understanding of what mission is or why they need to do it.

    I know people whose idea of mission is attractional, i.e. persuading outsiders to come in, encouraging friends/new Christians to join “their” church. If this is what they think then they may well see other churches as competition; rather like a town having several supermarkets for people to choose from, instead of just the one. They may also devout time and resources to making their church more attractive; hence the “great preaching, great coffee” flyers.

    I also know of people who are quite interested in Mission but don’t think it is their job, “we have a mission enabler for that stuff” or “that’s what the vicar’s for”, they may not believe they have the gifts for it, or it’s not their “thing”. Or think that as their church already has 100+ members and therefore is large enough, there is simply no need for it.

    In both cases mission is seen as getting new people into church and making new members, (sometimes because that’s the only way to fill existing church roles) rather than sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard it and telling them of God’s amazing love for them.

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