Bridging The Gap With Our Culture

Many of us in the church want to know how on earth we connect with a society that cares little for our message. Jen Hatmaker (yes, her again!) identifies two strands from her experience of church planting in Austin, Texas:


One thought on “Bridging The Gap With Our Culture

  1. This is a tough one. My defense for being paid what I get is that my cost of living is higher than that of most of the undeveloped/developing world as well. Yet I understand the issue. I have money. And it’s even worst when you look at the disparity between the suburbanites (of which I am one) going to our wealthier churches (which I do) compared to the urban areas and the poor that reside in them. And getting a church to budge when it’s focus is not the poor is extremely difficult. I suppose I’m as much a part of the problem as I am the solution at this point.

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