Youth Issues

A youth group

A youth group at Cornerstone by Steve White on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Here are seven issues that are relevant to teenagers today. If this is a reasonably accurate list, then what does the Good News look like to young people experiencing these? What Gospel themes would you identify as being relevant to them?

Perhaps one area where the message of Jesus might touch youth such as those envisioned here would be in the area of true self-esteem, rather than the ways it is presented in society. The Christian message sees people as made in the image of God, offered redemption in Jesus Christ and being heirs to the promise of the Holy Spirit’s indwelling.

Does this list shed any light on how the church might faithfully relate to teenagers?


One thought on “Youth Issues

  1. None of these can be solved in a oner. Indeed for many these are serial problems. The Christian community needs to help people to see that we don’t one solutions but hang in there and help change perspectives through the lens of love. Keep in with it and then when your burdens get lighter you can help someone else bear theirs. That is exactly the point to stay in the community not to turn one’s back on it. But then when ten were healed only one turned to the source of the healing.

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