Methods Versus Core Values

Virgin America’s new way of doing the ‘safety talk’ before a flight has garnered millions of views on YouTube. Watch it for yourself:

Note what one tech blog said about it:

Virgin reminds me of companies with a culture that invents new ways of connecting with people.

Is that a lesson for the church? Do we sometimes confuse the core values we espouse (and to which we want to call people to embrace) with our treasured methods of implementing them in the past? Consider this story from as long ago as 1990:

There is a story of a company that manufactured drill bits for over forty years. It had been very successful, but the industry was maturing and profit margins were getting thin.

The son of the founder attended his first senior staff meeting after his father died.

“What business are we in?” he asked the older men, who had served alongside his father for many years.

“We make drill bits!” came the exasperated answer. “Our customers need drill bits.”

“No. Our customers need holes,” the young man quietly replied. Today the company is again successful. It addition to drill bits, it manufactures lasers that make very precise holes.

(Bryant Myers, ‘Doing research with eyes to see’, MARC Newsletter, December 1990, p 3.)

Could it be that the church’s message is more ‘drill bits’ than ‘holes’?


One thought on “Methods Versus Core Values

  1. So does ‘A Discipleship Movementshaped for Mission’ do justice to who we think we are? If so what should be our ‘mission’ statement?

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