First, Second And Third Places

First place, second place, third place

First Place, Second Place, Third Place by gumption on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Exponential have a worthwhile free podcast available here. Go to the podcast dated 30th October 2013 by Brad Brisco, entitled ‘Engaging Your 1st, 2nd and 3rd Places’. Our ‘first place’ is our home, and so Brisco discusses the missional importance of hospitality. Our ‘second place’ is our workplace, and so he looks at the rôle of vocation. Our ‘third place’ is the location in our community where we socialise and relax – the fitness centre, the pub, the Women’s Institute, etc. – and Brisco looks at how to identify, create and support third places in a community.

What can Christians do in these different places to be a positive influence in word and deed for Christ?


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