Investing In Social Change

Is this a good way to encourage people to invest in social change? Or should you  not seek a financial return on your investment as a Christian caring about change? Watch this (secular) ten-minute video talk and form your own opinion. Oh – and share your thoughts in the comments below.

For an overtly Christian approach to this, see the work of the Cinnamon Network. Here is Matt Bird introducing their work:


One thought on “Investing In Social Change

  1. I value the idea of helping people so much, but I can’t get past the idea that there is no Gospel in this social change. Is it enough to help someone on earth when it may not make a difference in the eternal?

    On the other hand, where I live, poverty is high and the jobless fail to thrive. Schools are dying and no one knows what to do. I help where I can, but it’s difficult to move forward. What a mess.

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