Random Acts Of Kindness


Tips? by Peter Dutton on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

According to the Daily Telegraph, ninety per cent of Britons routinely go through a day without performing a simple act of kindness for someone. Contrast that with the actions of the anonymous American restaurant tipper @tipsforjesus, whose actions – reported widely but including here – involve leaving outrageously large tips for waiters and waitresses.

You and I might not be able to afford $5000 tips, but what can we do to show kindness and generosity in a world that might be forgetting to do that? And especially when – shockingly – Christians are not known for that generosity. Justin Lee wrote in response to this story, and citing Christians who tip meanly,

Remember, my fellow Christians: Whatever you do, wherever you go, whenever you tip, you are representing Jesus. And what makes the most difference in that moment isn’t your words or your theology; it’s your grace, love and generosity.


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