Giving To The Needy In Secret

Homeless - White Star

Homeless – White Star by Deadly Sirius on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Jesus told his followers to give to the needy in secret. And Pope Francis may be doing just that with the homeless of Rome.

Now granted, an extremely famous person like the Pope may need to take certain precautions to disguise his identity due to his fame, how do you and I as ‘ordinary’ Christians quietly go about our ‘acts of righteousness’ without trumpeting them (or even subtly hinting at them)?

Or, to put a slightly different angle on it, how do we let our works of compassion stand for themselves?


One thought on “Giving To The Needy In Secret

  1. I think we have to just do it and not talk about it. Of course I don’t meant this post, but sometimes in small group at church, we’d just talk about whether this or that was a good idea, or if it was the right thing to do, or if the homeless could be trusted with our donation, or something else entirely. These are fruitless conversations and need to be done away with. When you see a homeless person, or needy person, just give. Don’t talk about it at all, and suddenly you’re doing exactly what Christ said to do.

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