Discipleship Or Decisions For Christ?


Discipleship by Brother Timothy on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Derek Vreeland argues that response to the Gospel involves decisions, but is not limited to one-off decisions, it is about a call to follow Jesus as a disciple. When we only preach the Gospel as a call to make a decision, we sell Jesus short.

He says that a discipleship-based message has these advantages:

  • This “come and follow” approach sounds much more like an invite to a party than a high-pressure sales pitch to purchase a new car.
  • This approach is much more about belonging to a community than making a personal and individual choice.
  • This approach may not appeal to the masses, but we will make disciples from the few who see the power, position and authority of Jesus.

What do you think?


One thought on “Discipleship Or Decisions For Christ?

  1. Single most important thing to know about mission, in my opinion. There are so many people I know who didn’t really become a follower of Christ, they became a Christian. They have never been discipled. It’s a shame really. I call them spiritual orphans. We saw them come to the light, but then we walked away from them. And, for the bean-counters, it’s a painful thing. If we truly make followers of Christ, via discipleship, our numbers will go down significantly. It take a long time to make a follower. This is the best post yet!

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