An Irresistible Church?

Irresistible Valentine

Irresistible Valentine by Ambernectar 13 on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

In an extract from his book Church Leadership Essentials, American pastor Greg Atkinson suggests four signs of an irresistible church.

Before you click on the link, why not think what signs you would nominate.

Then read Greg’s list, and do a spot of comparing and contrasting.


One thought on “An Irresistible Church?

  1. The thing is, that with some of the churches I know, even the things he lists as basics and a “given”, aren’t there.

    That said, Jesus said that people would know that we were his disciples and belonged to him if we loved one another. so love for God and each other is the most important.
    If we do love God first and one another as he loves us, then I think most other things will follow; we will show our love for God in our worship and in our lifestyle, and our love for others by how we welcome and care for them.

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