Mission Among The Deaf


Deaf 2.23 by Dario J Lagana on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Yesterday in your worship, people will have been taking great care to ensure that the hard of hearing were included in the service, as they ensured that microphones, mixing desks, loudspeakers and loop systems were all functioning properly. But is a good working PA system the limit of Christian commitment to those with hearing problems?

Perhaps not. The latest issue of the online journal Mission Frontiers¬†contains several articles about mission and discipleship with deaf people. Not only that, each of the articles is accompanied by a video of someone interpreting it in sign language. Granted for us Brits, it’s American Sign Language, so there may be some differences from British versions, but this is a stimulating and challenging set of essays for all those who want to ensure that everyone hears the Word, in whatever form they can.


One thought on “Mission Among The Deaf

  1. I happened to read that issue recently, or at least parts of it. My church does have a sign language assistant in one of the services. My wife felt it was good for my kids to learn sign language, so she introduced my family to the assistant as they learned. It was a very rewarding experience for my family.

    Unfortunately, the Mandela funeral brought a lot of notoriety to the idea of signing. Hopefully, churches can make good use of it in the future despite the bad example.

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