Bringing Joy To The City


Joy by Cornelia Kopp on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Brandon Cox writes of the account in Acts 8 where the spread of the gospel brought joy to a city in Samaria. He then muses what acts of Christian mission might do the same today, and suggests:

Plant a church that makes the good news both visible and audible to our community.

Scatter throughout the community as small groups that grow spiritually and serve practically.

Live the gospel, love people and share Jesus as individuals.

Bring down the cultural barriers that keep ethnicities separated on Sunday mornings.

Partner with the city’s governmental leaders to address real issues that affect local residents.

Partner with local charitable organizations, Christian or not, that address problems like hunger and homelessness.

Partner with local schools to improve education, minister to teachers and help hurting families.

Partner with other local churches in kingdom-focused projects.

Multiply as individuals, as small groups and as a church through new worship services, venues, locations and autonomous daughter church plants.

Minister to the hurting, the broken, the mentally ill and emotionally unhealthy through counseling and recovery ministries.

Support families, not by replacing parents as disciplers, but by supplementing and aiding parents in the discipleship process.

Granted, the last-but-two of these suggestions, about multiplying congregations within a city, presupposes churches and cities of certain sizes, but there are plenty of examples here to which smaller churches could aspire. What appeals to you? What would be a good challenge for your church?


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