Short Term Mission Trips

The Missionary In Goa

The Missionary In Goa by abcdz2000 on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Alongside long term missionaries (or ‘mission partners’), the idea of people taking short term mission trips has become popular in recent years. Often they have appealed to students taking gap years, although this has changed in recent times in the UK with alterations to student fees.

But here is the account of one middle-aged Christian woman who would like to go to Cambodia on mission for a period. Does this inspire you, or do you have questions?


5 thoughts on “Short Term Mission Trips

  1. It’s not a mission, but a story-telling trip. Tearfund invited several bloggers to apply.
    Sending bloggers to tell the stories of overseas projects is effective fund-raising, but we won’t be on mission, per se.

  2. I may be a little cynical here, but I think she writes as a gimmick, not as a real desire to go. It’s almost like an experiment to her, which I fear is what many short term missions people are. I have known very few (actually, I know zero and my wife knows one family) who started as short term missionaries and became full-time.

    Another concern is that she doesn’t really talk about the Gospel, calling it good news for the poor without talking about the redemptive blood and the call for righteousness. This is a major problem for Christians who focus more on the social work of Jesus than his call to repent.

    This post, like most of short-term missions, frustrates me.

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