Wishful Dreaming

Martin Luther King monument

Martin Luther King Monument by Ash Crow on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

This coming Monday is Martin Luther King Day in the United States. Jonathan Storment asks how many of us simply love the dream but do not get on with the cost of loving the people God puts in front of us. Or do we just engage in what Dietrich Bonhoeffer call ‘wishful dreaming’?


One thought on “Wishful Dreaming

  1. “In fact, the only problem for me when it comes to loving people, is the actual people.”

    Reminds me of Adrian Plass’ statement, “I could be a really good Christian if it wasn’t for other people.”

    Personally I’ve given up on my dream – I’m just getting on with the work, and activities, that I have been given to do for now.
    I’m trying to remind myself of something I used to say when I was a teenager; that if Jesus was to return tonight and ask me how I had been serving him, he would not be impressed if I said, “well I’ve just been waiting for you to show me your will and give me the desires of my heart.”
    It’s possible to miss all the people, and opportunities, that are in front of us because we are busy waiting for THE thing that God wants us to do/have.

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