Not On A Sunday

Sunday School award

Sunday School Award by Michael Jefferies on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Experienced churchgoers are familiar with the problem of getting people to attend a service on a Sunday. The decline in the ‘traditional Sunday’ and of faith in general mean that people now have other commitments on Sundays, many of them unavoidable.

So what does the church do? There are several communities that have tried meeting at alternative times. One, in Halifax, meets on a Saturday evening and is called the Saturday Gathering. They have even had baptisms and confirmations there.

Is this a creative approach to a mission situation? Or does it compromise the link with our belief in the Resurrection?

What do you think?


One thought on “Not On A Sunday

  1. I think this is, in part at least, the idea behind Messy Church; making church fun, but also doing it on a day other than Sunday – or at least, if it is a Sunday, holding it at a separate time from the church service.

    My feeling is still that if we were all so on fire for the Gospel, and the Lord, that it showed in our worship, our love, our actions and on our faces, we would have no trouble at all in persuading people to come to church. We might not even need to try; they would want to come and see for themselves. The word of the Lord is still as powerful and the Gospel is still the same. Some in our churches might think, “yes and all we have to do is get people in so that they can hear it”, but it has been said that we might be the only Bible a person reads, and the only glimpse of Jesus they ever get.

    If a person looks at Christians and/or the church and doesn’t like what they see, then shopping, sport or staying at home will always be more attractive than going to church.

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