Come As You Are Revisited

Come as you are or eat in your car

Come As You Are Or Eat In Your Car by Ann Fisher on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

We published a post entitled ‘Come As You Are‘ on 6th November, but the associated video is no longer available, so here is an alternative take on the same question. John Burke, author of books such as ‘No Perfect People Allowed‘, has written on this subject at length (and at popular level). What does it really mean to accept people in the church community as they are? Here is a recent blog post by him that introduces his convictions.

What do you think of what he says? Is it doable in your church?

And in particular, what do you think of the three elements that he says need to intersect for people to find faith and a place in the church community? As a recap, here they are again, but do read the whole piece:

  1. A friendship with someone with the attitude of Jesus.
  2. Relational momentum with a network of four to five other Christians whom they enjoy hanging out with and who make them feel like they truly belong.
  3. A “come as you are” learning environment where they can learn about the Way of Jesus even with doubts, questions and struggles.

One thought on “Come As You Are Revisited

  1. I tell you one thing for certain, he’s right about the life support situation. I do think that, unless it changes, the church will be in big trouble. It will never die (can the body of Christ perish?), but it is unsustainable in it’s current concept.

    As to his three part intersection, I agree most with the third point. Point two is childish and allows for a selfish religion in its own right. I hate the “hang out” concept. It needs to go away. Points 1 and 3 are the true intersection. Point two should just be a normal way to help people feel comfortable.

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