Rural Evangelism

A rural road

A Rural Road by Swainboat on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

The Arthur Rank Centre has details of a course to help rural churches evangelise.


One thought on “Rural Evangelism

  1. I appreciate what the training program is trying to do. I’m sad that it is necessary, though. I grew up in a rural community, in a rural church, and I always thought of that culture as easy to break into for those in the community already, meaning that building relationships and ministering through the Gospel was a foregone conclusion.

    In my hometown church, we had a sign above the doorway to the sanctuary that read, “You are now entering the mission field.” It was a reminder to us all that WE bore the responsibility for evangelism. Of course, we also went door to door with tracts, so our methods were a little dated.

    Anyway, my take on that. I am very interested in this system because it is so dear to me. I would love to preach in a small rural church someday after my Navy career is over.

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