Social Trends And Christian Mission

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

The Svetitskhoveli Cathedral by Luc B on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

We’re probably all aware of the massive social changes in recent decades. The church has often been left bemused by them, rejecting of them, or uncritically accepting of them.

But one thing is clear: for Christian institutions to have an effective mission in the newer contexts, we have to recognise these trends, understand them, and consider how we are going to react or adapt to them.

L Gregory Jones and Nathan Jones have written an article that identifies seven key social trends. Their context is North America, but most of what they say applies to the UK and Europe. There is the occasional use of jargon (if you don’t know what a ‘mulitnodal world’ is, read the first two paragraphs of that section). But it is well worth reading their analysis. You can find the article here.

That is the easy part, though! The next thing to do is work out how we respond. What do you think?


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