Was Francis Of Assisi Wrong?

Wood statue of Saint Francis of Assisi

Wood statue of Saint Francis of Assis by Peter Hodges on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

“Preach the Gospel always, and if necessary use words.” These words are often attributed to Francis of Assisi, although their origin is unknown.

But whatever their source, this quotation is often cited with approval. The idea seems to be that the Christian can live a good life as an authentic witness, but does not really have to work up the courage to speak about Jesus Christ and faith. Thus Christians can still believe they are witnessing to their faith, but they avoid the embarrassing parts.

Maybe the approach of the Australian teacher Michael Frost is better. He speaks of the need to live a ‘questionable life’. Yes, of course Christians should live a good and holy life before the watching world, but it should be such a life as provokes questions – questions that we should then be prepared to answer.

Watch Frost expound on this idea here. You will need to register for a free Exponential account, but it is well worth it.


2 thoughts on “Was Francis Of Assisi Wrong?

  1. If anyone needs a historical figure saying something along these lines, go with Count Zinzendorf (founder of what is today the Moravian Church): “This is our plan for the kingdom of God: not first to bring arguments, but first to show everyone what you are like, so that they are forced to ask “Who makes such people as these/””

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