Why Established Churches Should Plant New Churches

Fluffly plants

Fluffy Plants by Tom Olliver on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

With a few honourable exceptions, church as we know it isn’t reaching new people for Christ. Is it possible that all our talk of turning around existing churches is wrong? Might we be better offering terminal care to older churches while bringing to birth newer congregations that are more attuned to the generations that are absent from our traditional churches?

American Baptist thinker Ed Stetzer proposes six reasons why existing churches should plant new churches. And actually, his six reasons (especially number four) hold out hope that older congregations will themselves be revitalised by the process.

Is your church planting another? Is your group of churches considering it?


One thought on “Why Established Churches Should Plant New Churches

  1. Absolutely agree.
    One comment re number 4, I’m not sure that unhealthy, dysfunctional churches *can* plant churches. We can’t give what we haven’t got, and if we do not have a real relationship with God, experience of his love and understanding of the Gospel, how can we pass it on? Just as I couldn’t teach anyone GCSE Maths.

    Another thing; what kind of church is he envisaging we plant? If the institutional church isn’t working, there seems little point in planting another; whereas fresh expressions of church are springing up in many places.

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