From Church To Chaplaincy?

London Chaplaincy Team

London Chaplaincy Team, 14th February 2010 by Dean Ayres on Flickr. Some rights reservied.

Do chaplains have an increasingly important part to play in Christian outreach as church attendance declines? A new report suggests so. You can read about it here, and buy or download the actual report itself here.


Prisons Week

The prisons

The Prisons by Emiliano Iko on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Yesterday, the annual Prisons Week began. It aims to help Christians remember and support ministry and mission in British prisons. Did you know how much is done by church representatives? Are you also aware of the ministry of organisations such as Prison Fellowship?

And if you want a good cause to support this coming Christmas, you could do a lot worse than support Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree project. It enables the children of prisoners to receive Christmas gifts from their incarcerated parents.

Chaplaincy Everywhere

Chaplain Kammer

Chaplain Kammer by Herald Post on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Chaplains are official representatives of the church who bear God’s love in all sorts of areas of life outside the church. Schools, hospitals, shopping centres, prisons, football clubs, the armed services and many more you’ve never thought about.

Chaplaincy isn’t just for ordained ministers, either. Regular, committed church members can be chaplains, too.

Read and download the Chaplaincy Everywhere report, which also contains reference to an accessible training course.