Moving The Date Of Christmas

Christmas On Main Street

Christmas On Main Street by Justin Brown on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Are you fed up with the commercialisation of Christmas? Are you cheesed off with the removal of Christ from Christmas? What can we do about it? Fight back? Campaign? Tell people off?

Rollin Grams has another suggestion. Read his proposal. Would this make for a more authentically Christian Christmas, and also be a witness to the world?

What do you think?


One thought on “Moving The Date Of Christmas

  1. I’ve been saying for some years that we should move the date of Christmas. Even if we only manage to do it once, it will give us a chance to explain why we’ve done it; that this is what CHRISTmas means and it has nothing at all to do with flying reindeer and cute Santas.
    I would suggest October though, personally. Or if January, then Jan 1st – start the New Year with a celebration of Christ’s birth.

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