Nick Vujicic: Christian Witness In Suffering

The story of Nick Vujicic is moving and astonishing. Amazingly, he can be a witness to Jesus Christ, despite having been born limbless.

Watch this video interview with him and ask whether most of us, who have suffered far less, can be witnesses for Christ.


The Sermon Starts In The Parking Lot

This video needs a lot of translation into British English. Not many church buildings have a whole ‘campus’ here, nor would many of us refer to our worship area or sanctuary as an auditorium. Some too will express the gospel differently from this speaker. We may also see newcomers far less frequently on a Sunday morning.

However … this is someone who takes hospitality seriously. I found a couple of useful takeaways in this. One was not to overwhelm newcomers with information they didn’t need. Another was in the insistence upon calling such people ‘guests’ and not ‘visitors’: language is important.

See whether you find this helpful.