From Church To Chaplaincy?

London Chaplaincy Team

London Chaplaincy Team, 14th February 2010 by Dean Ayres on Flickr. Some rights reservied.

Do chaplains have an increasingly important part to play in Christian outreach as church attendance declines? A new report suggests so. You can read about it here, and buy or download the actual report itself here.


Martin Luther King: Loving Our Enemies As Mission

On 17th November 1957, Martin Luther King preached a sermon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. An audio extract has been preserved. Listen to how MLK links the Cross to love for enemies and hence to transformation in the world.

Reconnecting Church With The Community For Mission


Neighbourhood by Nicola Since 1972 on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

One of the most depressing features of many churches is the number of people who think that if we just tweak what we are doing right now in a certain way (which often happens to chime with their personal tastes) then we will finally get ‘bums on pews’ again. (And yes, it is put that crudely at times.)

However, in an age when it is no longer normal to visit a church, let alone attend it regularly, this is surely a vain hope. Does the church not need to reconnect with the local community, in order to share the Gospel in word and deed? Kirk Kirlin recommends five strategies to do just that. Do these constitute a valid set of challenges that you, your church and her members could and would take up?