Disciple-Making Today

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20) has disciple-making at its heart. But today’s culture already disciples people in other ways that compete with the way of Jesus. Watch Alan Hirsch on this subject:


Social Entrepreneurs: Jenny Dawson And Rubies In The Rubble

So – you have a Masters degree in Maths, you’re raking in a large City salary as a hedge fund manager. What do you do?

If your name is Jenny Dawson and you’ve been affected by the teaching at your church, you start a business making chutney from food waste and you employ homeless people. You sell your produce everywhere from Borough Market to Fortnum and Mason.

The Daily Mail covered her story a year ago, but didn’t mention her faith. The interview below, from the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, does. You’ll hear other stories, too. Make a coffee, and settle down to be inspired.

How Netflix Is Changing The Church


Netflix bu Dekuwa on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Canadian pastor Carey Nieuwhof again today – this time on how Netflix and other services are changing social habits, with implications for how we do church. While there is a danger that in adopting these changes as far as we can needs to be done in a way that guards against an individualism that destroys community, do we need to listen carefully here?

Near the end of the article, Nieuwhof says:

A church that has a white-hot sense of mission will almost always have the resources it needs to do what the church is called to do. But churches who want to prop up what used to sort of work, won’t.

How are our churches adapting? Indeed, are they adapting?