Go Where God Is Not At Work


Work! by Billy Wilson on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Eddie Arthur challenges the popular notion that mission is ‘finding out what God is doing and joining in’.

What do you think about this?


Three Steps In Turning Around A Church

See what you think of this video. For me, it was striking about one minute in when the speaker said that telling an aging congregation mission was a church priority was like telling a leper colony they needed to be healed: there was an obligation to agree, but a feeling it couldn’t be done. Listen for how Don Ross approaches this problem, and for his emphasis on making bold decisions.

Monday Night Dinner

How do Christians deal with contentious issues? Sometimes every bit as badly as anyone else. If it’s on the Internet, Christians engage in ‘flame wars’ and even ‘troll’, just like other people do.

Here is one Christian leader who has opted for a different approach. Lysa TerKeurst sees this style as vital for the integrity of Christian witness. What do you think?

Moving The Date Of Christmas

Christmas On Main Street

Christmas On Main Street by Justin Brown on Flickr. Some rights reserved.

Are you fed up with the commercialisation of Christmas? Are you cheesed off with the removal of Christ from Christmas? What can we do about it? Fight back? Campaign? Tell people off?

Rollin Grams has another suggestion. Read his proposal. Would this make for a more authentically Christian Christmas, and also be a witness to the world?

What do you think?